"The Summer of Love and the hippie revolution were primarily centered on remaining outside the taint of the major societal forces of war and greed. Dreams were cultivated spiritually and chemically. The post WWII years of repressive ideas, clothing and regimentation exploded into a wide array of color and music and dance, expressions of both individual dreams and visions of a society which nurtured creativity and personal liberty to the utmost while taking consideration of the environment in a sustainable way.

Now decades later the tie dye clothes are as tattered as the dreams. What was lost was more than these brief experiments in lifestyle but an imagination which honored ones’ visions and possibilities of a joyful existence. Though those aspirations of youth now seem distant, there is a residual flame, burning deep and still revolutionary and radical in it’s demand for joy and love.”
- Juror Diane Fenster

Diane Fenster’s art first received notice during the era of early experimentations with digital imaging. Her work has been called an important voice in the development of a true digital aesthetic. She views herself as an alchemist, using digital tools to delve into fundamental human issues. Her work is literary and emotional, full of symbolism and multiple layers of meaning. Recently however, Fenster has been moving away from the digital photomontage style that has brought her so much recognition and is venturing into an exploration of starker imagery that has its roots in toy camera photography, alternative process and photo-encaustic. Her images have appeared in numerous publications on digital art. She has been guest lecturer at many seminars and conferences, her work has been internationally exhibited and is part of museum, corporate and private collections.

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