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Astoria exhibit probes anxieties of our times
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Sat 07 of Oct., 2017 22:15 PDT  (61 Reads)
PAG member Phil Coleman is one of 36 photographers participating in "Fairy Tales and Nuclear Bombs (What Happened to the Truth," an exhibit at the LightBox Photographic Gallery in Astoria this month. The juried show includes 54 photographs in a variety of photographic processes from around the country. Juror Diane Fenster of Pacifica, CA, selected work that reflected the artists' reactions to this year's political environment. "

Show opens October 14th and closes November 5th, with an Artists' Reception on Saturday, October 14th, 5 - 8 pm

LightBox Photographic Gallery is located at 1045 Marine Dr. in downtown Astoria. An on-line catalog can be seen here (external link)

"2017 is a year in which we have been barraged daily with unbelievable news, not fake news," writes Juror Fenster. "Our society is disheartened and on the brink. As individuals we stand alone to face the truth that faces us and we each find a way to make it through each day. As our respected Country devolves from societies norms and standards, these artists join together to create an exhibit of eternal dread, defiant resistance, soulful reflection and everlasting hope and beauty that guides us all into the future."

For the complete Juror's Statement, click the 'read more' button below.

"Eternal Dread, Everlasting Hope," by Phil Coleman

Rich's "Invisible Light" opens in Salem
By: John Ritchie  on: Thu 28 of Sept., 2017 07:17 PDT  (58 Reads)
A selection of Rich Bergeman's black and white infrared photographs will be on exhibit at the Gretchen Schuette Gallery on the Chemekata Community College campus in Salem.

The exhibit, entitled "Invisible Light," takes its title from the fact that infrared photography sees the world in a way that is not visible to the naked eye, because it lies just above the visible spectrum, between 700 and 900 nanometers. In the natural world, organic objects reflect more infrared light than inorganic ones, resulting in lighter-than-expected values for such things as shrubbery and seaweed, while inorganic subjects such as water and rocks turn out darker. In black-and-white IR photography this creates dramatic skies, deep black water surfaces and snowy-looking landscapes.

There will be a reception at the gallery on Wednesday October 4th at 12:30 pm, followed by an informal gallery talk beginning at 1:30. The exhibit is on display from September 25th through November 3rd. The Gretchen Schuette Gallery is located in Building 3 on the Chemeketa campus. Gallery hours and a map can be found on the gallery website. (external link)

"Woodland Meadow" by Rich Bergeman, left
Matt Reese's "The Dramatic Leaf" shows in Eugene
By: John Ritchie  on: Sun 10 of Sept., 2017 08:18 PDT  (94 Reads)
PAG and Photozone member Matt Reese will be exhibiting a collection of his flower photography in the O'Brien Photo Gallery in Eugene through mid-November. The exhibit, entitled "The Dramatic Leaf," features work Matt has done using alternative lenses to produce simple flower compositions with washes of color and bokeh.

The exhibit will run from September 16th through November 16th with an Artist Reception on Saturday, September 30th from 3-6 PM.
O'Brien Photo Gallery (external link) is located at 2833 Willamette St. Ste. B in Eugene. Phone: 541 729-3572
Denise and Walt in Lightbox Photographer Viewing Drawers
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Wed 05 of April, 2017 17:32 PDT  (535 Reads)
Congrats to Walt O'Brien and Denise Ross for landing their portfolios in the drawers at Lightbox Gallery in Astoria, where they will be available for viewing over the next 12 months. In April, their prints will be let out of the drawers for a month-long stint on the walls in the 2nd floor gallery. LightBox uses its eight portfolio drawers to honor the "complete photographer by recognizing those that pursue the art of fine printing." 

Walt's images are from his book: "Early Photography by Walt O'Brien 1960-1969", and the series of 10 prints in the drawers is entitled "Diverse Cultures: Encounters While Growing Up in the Texas Panhandle." Denise's prints are all from handmade film and printed on handmade silver gelatin paper. They are from her extended study of the Yaquina Lighthouse, which she says "began out of need for a convenient location to test handmade film and dry plates.  Over the years, it became much more than a "location" to me.  I fell in love with the moods of the headland, its wildlife, its structures, and the people who visit.  Going deep into one magical place has been reward beyond simply camera and materials."

LightBox Photographic Gallery and Fine Printing, is located at 1045 Marine Drive in Astoria and is open Tuesday - Saturday from 11 am - 5:30 pm. You can see Walt's and Denise's portfolios now through next April. Here's the website: http://lightbox-photographic.com

Photos by Denise Ross and Walt O'Brien
Phil, Rich and Jeff in Blue Sky NW Photographers Viewing Drawers
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Sat 01 of April, 2017 14:31 PDT  (463 Reads)
Two guild members--Phil Coleman and Rich Bergeman--along with friend-of-the-guild Jeff Hess, have been juried into the 2017-18 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers at the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland. The new crop of 60+ drawers photographers will be available for viewing through March 31, 2018.

Blue Sky's Pacific NW Photography Viewing Drawers program features 10 original prints each by more than 60 artists from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. All work is available for sale and for visitors to peruse during open gallery hours, which are 12-5 Tuesday through Saturday. Opened in 1975, Blue Sky Gallery is the largest photographic gallery in the city, as well as one of the oldest cooperative photo galleries in the entire country. The gallery is located at 122 NW 8th Ave. More info at blueskygallery.org.

Phil is showing a portfolio of infrared images, Rich is showing a selection of prints from his "Lost Homesteads" project, and Jeff is showing a group of prints from his water motion work.

From left, photos by Phil Coleman, Jeff Hess and Rich Bergeman

How to Comment on Other Member's Galleries
By: Bill Laing  on: Fri 13 of March, 2015 17:17 PDT  (4725 Reads)
Most members welcome feedback on the images they post in their personal PAG galleries. Click on "Read More" below to learn how to leave a comment.
About the PhotoArts Guild
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Sat 17 of July, 2010 10:00 PDT  (12511 Reads)
The PhotoArts Guild was born back in 1985 when five local photographers gathered at a local restaurant to critique photographs, share information and encourage each other's growth as image makers. It soon grew to about 20 members, and in 1988 the group became an affiliated guild with the Corvallis Art Center. Currently about 40-50 photographers belong to the PAG. Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday of every month (except August and December) at 7pm in the OSU Center for the Humanities on 8th and Jefferson. For information on the PAG's goals, membership and history, click 'more'
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