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Four guild members selected for TAC's Around Oregon Annual Exhibit
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Mon 29 of May, 2017 10:15 PDT  (103 Reads)
This year's Around Oregon Annual juried exhibit at The Arts Center in Corvallis opens June 2 with work by 40 artists, including four PhotoArts Guild members--Kurt Norlin, Kat Sloma, Rich Bergeman and Herman Krieger. Juror Terri Sund, owner of Imogen Gallery in Astoria, made the selections from over 400 submissions from around the state, and incorporated an unusually large number of photographers for this 15th annual all-media show. Sund explained how she made her selections in her Juror's Statement:

"I went about the selection process by trying to isolate what I felt showed technical skill. It is crucial to me that an artist is confident with their chosen medium, exhibiting a technical proficiency and evidence of control. I also wanted to convey, as a full body of work, imagery and medium that spoke of the great diversity of the state of Oregon. Included are works that speak of place, people and landscape, even medium--there is one piece included, where pigment literally came from the soils of Oregon. It was also a goal to include work that displayed a level of sincerity in communicating with the viewer. As a viewer I look to be engaged by subject matter. The use and choice of medium to convey not just the obvious through beauty of landscape, or narrative qualities of composition, but also providing a hint as to who the maker is. What is important to that individual as the artist, what experiences led them to create the finished piece being presented?"

An opening reception for the exhibit will be held Friday, June 2, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm; Brown Bag artists' talk will be held the following week on Thursday, June 8, from 12 - 1 pm; and a reception for the monthly Corvallis Art Walk will be held the following Thursday, June 15, from 4 – 8 pm. The exhibit runs through July 8.

"Behind the House" by Kurt; "Abandoned Wasp's Nest" by Herman; "Low Tide at Seal Rock" by Rich; and "Inexpressible" by Kat.

John, Mike and Phil in LaSells Fish Habitat Exhibit
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Mon 29 of May, 2017 10:01 PDT  (97 Reads)
PAGers John Ginn, Phil Coleman and Mike Bergen have work in the Fish and Fish Habitat Exhibit in the Giustina Gallery of the LaSells Stewart Center on the OSU campus.  John and Phil are showing photographs, while Mike has a watercolor in the show.

The exhibit runs from Thursday, June 1, 2017 to Sunday, July 2 with a reception on Thursday, June 8, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

"Perch" by Mike Bergen, "Fish Day at Osborn" by John Ginn, and "The Sea's Bounty"by Phil Coleman
Denise and Walt in Lightbox Photographer Viewing Drawers
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Wed 05 of April, 2017 17:32 PDT  (204 Reads)
Congrats to Walt O'Brien and Denise Ross for landing their portfolios in the drawers at Lightbox Gallery in Astoria, where they will be available for viewing over the next 12 months. In April, their prints will be let out of the drawers for a month-long stint on the walls in the 2nd floor gallery. LightBox uses its eight portfolio drawers to honor the "complete photographer by recognizing those that pursue the art of fine printing." 

Walt's images are from his book: "Early Photography by Walt O'Brien 1960-1969", and the series of 10 prints in the drawers is entitled "Diverse Cultures: Encounters While Growing Up in the Texas Panhandle." Denise's prints are all from handmade film and printed on handmade silver gelatin paper. They are from her extended study of the Yaquina Lighthouse, which she says "began out of need for a convenient location to test handmade film and dry plates.  Over the years, it became much more than a "location" to me.  I fell in love with the moods of the headland, its wildlife, its structures, and the people who visit.  Going deep into one magical place has been reward beyond simply camera and materials."

LightBox Photographic Gallery and Fine Printing, is located at 1045 Marine Drive in Astoria and is open Tuesday - Saturday from 11 am - 5:30 pm. You can see Walt's and Denise's portfolios now through next April. Here's the website: http://lightbox-photographic.com

Photos by Denise Ross and Walt O'Brien
Phil, Rich and Jeff in Blue Sky NW Photographers Viewing Drawers
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Sat 01 of April, 2017 14:31 PDT  (197 Reads)
Two guild members--Phil Coleman and Rich Bergeman--along with friend-of-the-guild Jeff Hess, have been juried into the 2017-18 Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers at the Blue Sky Gallery in Portland. The new crop of 60+ drawers photographers will be available for viewing through March 31, 2018.

Blue Sky's Pacific NW Photography Viewing Drawers program features 10 original prints each by more than 60 artists from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. All work is available for sale and for visitors to peruse during open gallery hours, which are 12-5 Tuesday through Saturday. Opened in 1975, Blue Sky Gallery is the largest photographic gallery in the city, as well as one of the oldest cooperative photo galleries in the entire country. The gallery is located at 122 NW 8th Ave. More info at blueskygallery.org.

Phil is showing a portfolio of infrared images, Rich is showing a selection of prints from his "Lost Homesteads" project, and Jeff is showing a group of prints from his water motion work.

From left, photos by Phil Coleman, Jeff Hess and Rich Bergeman

Herman pic in High Desert Museum's 'Legendary Landscapes'
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Tue 14 of Feb., 2017 17:24 PST  (401 Reads)
Herman Krieger's "Winter Ridge" photograph is part of a new exhibit of "Legendary Landscapes" at the High Desert Museum in Bend. The show features views of the High Desert and Great Basin, along with the stories behind how these places got their names. "We selected entries by curatorial review based on several factors including the quality of the photography and the story behind the given name," says the show's curator. "Together, the selections reflect the diversity of landscapes in the High Desert region. It is our hope that 'Legendary Landscapes' will inspire visitors to explore more of the region and delve deeper into its natural and cultural history."

Herman's photograph, "Summer Storm Over Winter Ridge," was taken from the vicinity of Summer Lake toward Winter Ridge in Central Oregon. Both Summer Lake and Winter Ridge, which rises 3,000 feet above the dry lake bed's western side, were named by Capt. John C. Fremont, who explored this area in 1843 on a mapping expedition. Approaching the rim of the escarpment, which you can see in the distance of Herman's photo, Fremont was struck by the “sudden and violent contrast” between the snow-covered ridge where they stood, “stiffening in a cold north wind,” and the “glow of the sun in the valley below.”

The photo is part of Herman's series, "The Big Country: Panorama of Southeastern Oregon," which you can see on his website (external link): www.efn.org/~hkrieger/panorama.htm.

"Legendary Landscapes" runs through Sept. 30.
Walt shows color landscapes in Eugene
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Sun 15 of Jan., 2017 11:46 PST  (415 Reads)
Walt O'Brien, one of the PAG's Eugene members and owner of O'Brien Photo Imaging, has a big show at the UofO Law School titled “Natural Landscapes of the American West,” featuring 36 color photographs of natural scenic areas in Oregon, California, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. The show will be on display through July 7 this summer in the 2nd floor Atrium Gallery of the Knight Law Center, located at 1515 Agate St., Eugene (across from the track stadium). The gallery space is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

“Natural Landscapes of the American West” showcases both film and digitally captured photographs.  Most are printed using archival pigments while others are original darkroom prints. This is the first exhibition of Walt's collected color work. by O’Brien. “Creative color work is difficult in that results are often too close to reality," Walt said. "The challenge is to include feeling about the scene that translates to an internal response in the viewer.”  As far as Dominick Vetri, professor emeritus and curator of art for the School of Law, is concerned, Walt has met the challenge with this show. “Walt O’Brien’s enchanting scenes of the dramatic landscapes of the American West are tremendously evocative. We are excited to bring these stunning images of the West’s canyons, mountains, streams, lakes, and ocean views to Oregon Law while showcasing the talent of a local photographer,” he said. To view Walt’s Website go to  http://www.waltobrien.com

"Magic Tree, Canyon de Chelly" and "Sand Fences, Waldport" by Walt O'Brien
How to Comment on Other Member's Galleries
By: Bill Laing  on: Fri 13 of March, 2015 17:17 PDT  (4235 Reads)
Most members welcome feedback on the images they post in their personal PAG galleries. Click on "Read More" below to learn how to leave a comment.
About the PhotoArts Guild
By: Rich Bergeman  on: Sat 17 of July, 2010 10:00 PDT  (12022 Reads)
The PhotoArts Guild was born back in 1985 when five local photographers gathered at a local restaurant to critique photographs, share information and encourage each other's growth as image makers. It soon grew to about 20 members, and in 1988 the group became an affiliated guild with the Corvallis Art Center. Currently about 40-50 photographers belong to the PAG. Meetings are held monthly on the third Thursday of every month (except August and December) at 7pm in the OSU Center for the Humanities on 8th and Jefferson. For information on the PAG's goals, membership and history, click 'more'
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